Shivers by Adam Z Robinson (The Book of Darkness & Light in association with LittleMighty)


Starts in 3 Days, 11 Hours

January 27, 2019 8:00 pm

01305 266926


The team that brought us the Book of Darkness and Light in 2017 return with a trio of delightfully thrilling new ghost stories, set to the haunting sounds of the violin, Shivers contains within it some of the most chilling tales ever told.
You feel a prickle on your neck. Your blood stills. A monstrous thing creeps in the shadows. Is it all in your mind? A trick of the light? Or something far more sinister? One thing is for certain: these stories will give you shivers.
A co-production between Harrogate Theatre, Square Chapel Arts Centre and LittleMighty.
“A uniquely terrifying experience.” The Spooky Isles
Stories written and performed by Adam Z. Robinson
Music composed and performed by Ben Styles
Dramaturgy by Dick Bonham
Technical Stage Manager Aly Howe
Produced by LittleMighty
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