Fizzy Boppers CIC was created by four mums (Georgie Easton, Julia Dodds, Kelly Critchell and Kim Sibley) from Maiden Newton who came together to create a high-energy, maximum fun, music and dance group for 0-5 year olds. Other mums, Sarah Ridout, Emma De Feria and Emma Moore will be bopping along at groups too!

Each session combines catchy action songs with props and instruments and a themed dance section which changes every 10 weeks. So far we have covered Salsa, Country and Western, The Swinging 60’s, Round The World Parts I, 2 and 3 , Hits of the 70’s, the Awesome 80’s, Life on the Ocean Waves and Mad for 90’s. The current theme is Up, Up and Away. We will be blasting off to the moon and exploring outer space with exciting new props like flashing tambourines… and we just couldn’t resist buying a smoke machine! Don’t miss it!FB_2